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Penjerex Insulating window film
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Upgrade your Villa windows at half the price of double glazing!

As much as we love character homes they certainly are not built for the comfort we expect in a modern setting.


An original 100-year-old villa is usually insulated about as much as Barbie’s Dream House, which means that keeping heat in can be a nightmare.

Once you have insulated your ceiling your best value investment for warmth and interior comfort is to draft proof your windows and then improve the glass insulation performance.
Traditionally, double glazing was the only insulation option available to Villa window owners but a new evolution of high tech ‘low e’ window films has become available which offers amazing insulation potential for a Villa window.


Introducing Penjerex Insulating window film
Penjerex window insulation film is a new generation of virtually transparent window film that reduces the rate of winter heat loss by 44% and blocks the solar heat gain by up to 40% while keeping your natural light.  That’s around 95% as good as conventional double glaze units.
Easy Internal Application
Because Penjerex is applied to the inside of windows it’s a simple installation process and most homes can be easily installed in less than a day!
Trusted International Manufacturer
Manufactured by Nitto Denko from Japan, a market leader in innovative film products for over 80 years.
Virtually Transparent
Penjerex has a visual transmission level of 77%. Which makes it almost as clear as glass and the most transparent insulation film available in New Zealand.
10 Year Warranty
Penjerex comes with a 10-year replacement warranty to give you peace of mind backed by Nitto Denko globally.


The Key Benefits over Double glazing:


Window film has no impact on your window frames and character of your home and costs around half to a third of the cost of retrofit double glazing for wooden frame windows. Because of its internal application it requires no scaffolding and is an easy one-man job to install with minimal disruption to your home.
Your sash window was not built to hold the weight of a double gazed unit. The delicate pulley system can be put out of balance and it also distorts the look and character of your home. Penjerex also comes with the added benefit of blocking 99% of UV and reducing the solar heat gain in summer giving you year round comfort and climate control.


Improve Internal comfort and window safety
Your windows will need to be draft proofed and checked that all of the glass panels are secure before applying window film.
If your villa glass is original, then it will be only 2mm thick! this is half the standard thickness for a modern home.  Installing Penjerex will also dramatically improve the safety of your villa windows as the film helps prevent glass shattering.


Compare our prices to double glazing you will be surprised how much you can save with us!
We will assess your windows condition, check for drafts, sash damage, degraded putty and joinery warping. We can repair and draft proof your windows and then apply Penjerex to upgrade your windows insulation performance.