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Baby room optimal temperature
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What temperature should your baby’s room be?

Research indicates that the temperature for a babies’ room is between 16-20C, with the ideal room temperature being 18C.

Temperature regulation for babies is important as they don’t have the ability to safely control it themselves. Babies can’t actually regulate their body temperature until after 18 months of age.

If your baby gets too hot, they may be irritable, and their skin may be sweaty or mottled. And they can become dehydrated.

If your baby gets too cold and is in danger of being chilled they will become very quiet and still. Babies are not able to shiver like adults to generate heat, so babies that are too cold will not exert the energy it takes to cry, and may be uninterested in feeding.

When room temperature is regulated and maintained a baby will become more relaxed, gain weight and sleep longer. So, it makes sense to make sure your baby’s room is the right temperature….

If your baby’s room is getting too hot and too cold here are some simple suggestions of what you can do.

Step 1: Set up the cot in the best position in the room

Move the cot away from the windows in the room. Your windows are responsible for up to 95% of your solar heat gain in Summer and 45% of heat loss in winter.

Make sure the room is mould free and well ventilated as mould is dangerous for very small babies. Check out for non-toxic mould removal, their product can safely remove mould and prevent it’s return for up to 3 months!

Step 2: Monitor room temperature settings
Most of the heat gain/ loss in your home comes from your single glazed windows so it pays to monitor the room temperature.

  • Get a thermostat a thermostat will measure and check the room temperature. We recommend investing in a Heatermate Plug-in Thermostat.
  • Install a heat pump. Heat pumps are a good way to maintain a room temperature setting. You can put an auto timer on to be set to maintain an 18-degree temperature throughout the day and night.  We recommend  the range of Mitsubishi heat pumps  because they are the quietest on the market.
  • Make sure that a heat pump is faraway enough to not be aimed directly on the cot as this could cause the baby to overheat. (Note in New Zealand we refer to heat pumps for units that provide both cooling and heating so a heat pump can operate on either hot or cool air)
  • Although Heat pumps are a great solution, they also come with a high cost of power consumption so it pays to also look at insulating your room for optimum efficiency

Step 3: Insulate the room for winter

1.Ideally use a radiant heater to heat the room in winter and turn off before sleep time. (Plunket recommends to keep heaters at least one metre away from materials that can burn, such as bedding, curtains, clothes, furniture and rugs. And only use one heater per outlet, as an electric heater will fully load an outlet.)

  1. Use Merino sleep bags for winter months so your baby can’t throw off the blankets and lose heat through exposed feet and hands. Merino kidsand are both excellent NZ products to choose.

Step 4: Upgrade your windows

Did you know 95% of your summer heat gain comes from your windows? It makes sense to try to reduce the sun’s heat by improving your windows. So what are your options?

  1. Black out curtains are cost effective and can reduce the heat and light in the hot summer months. A darker room also makes it easier for children to get to sleep on summer nights where it doesn’t get dark until 9pm.
  1. Window tinting can reduce the heat in summer by reducing the solar gain through windows. You can pick the tint and heat reduction your require from over 30 types of film. Tint films also reduce glare, block UV and prevent glass from shattering. We recommend Better Windows Tint film solutions.

There is a new transparent window film available from Better Windows which reduces the heat loss in winter by stopping the heat escaping from your single paned glass and it also reduces some of the solar gain in making the room temperature more comfortable year round.

Penjerex insulation film was designed specifically to suit the environmental temperature needs of New Zealand homes. It upgrades the thermal performance of your windows and creates better insulation and heat control. With your windows and creates better insulation and heat control. Penjerex film is virtually transparent, so you will hardly notice it’s there keeping your view and the character of your home just the way you like it.

With an insulation improvement of 44%, Penjerex film is 95% as efficient as double glazing* In summer, it reduces the heat from solar gain by 40%, so your room temperature is more comfortable all year round.

Want to know more about how window films can keep your children’s rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter? check out our explainer video explaining how window film can help to maintain the temperature you want year round.

Insulation film solutions Find out more at

If your looking to improve your baby’s room insulation- give us a call at Better windows for a no obligation free quote we can insulate, ventilate and heat or cool your home with our energy efficient solutions.

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