Breathe easy with Unovent…

The Unovent® home ventilation system gives you a drier, warmer and healthier home for up to 75% less than the cost of other systems. Installation is easy and running costs are low with reusable filters and no annual maintenance contracts.

The unique Unovent® ductless system draws dry, filtered air from the roof space to reduce moisture buildup, continually maintaining the airflow and air quality. Fully automated and optimised for NZ conditions, the system keeps your home warm and reduces odour and moisture – no more dripping windows, damp drapes or mould.

Have you ever thought about the air you breathe in your own home?

Have you ever walked into a home where the air is stale and feels stuffy?

Good ventilation circulates air around your home, removing odours, reducing moisture and flushing out pollutants and irritants.

Unovent home ventilation system

Unovent® is an affordable positive pressure ventilation system taking fresh, filtered air from the roof space where it is constantly being changed because this area is well ventilated. The system brings down this air down from the roof space through one or more room outlets – each with its own fan and a washable filter – into the selected rooms. This in turn gently pushes the stale and moist air out through gaps under doors or around windows and through bathroom and kitchen vent systems when they are not in use.

The result is improved air quality – filtered to be fresh – creating dry and warm air without the nasties for a healthy home designed and affordable for New Zealand families.

Is your home expensive to heat?

It’s a fact that a damp home is difficult and more expensive to keep warm.

The Unovent® ventilation system does not create drafts – gentle airflow movement continuously dilutes and displaces the old air and improves the humidity in the rooms, carrying the poor quality air outside. The resulting drier air is healthier and easier to heat in winter.

What does it cost?

A single ventilation unit including installation can start at only $995! That’s a fraction of the cost compared to other Home ventilation services.

What our customers have said…


When I noticed condensation in one of my rentals I did some research and decided on Unovent®. It worked so well I’ve put one in my own home too.’ Krishna, Auckland

Unovent Test 2

Unovent® has eliminated condensation on windows and there has been a huge overall reduction in moisture around the house.’ Andrew, Pakuranga Heights

Unovent Test 3

The Unovent® system works, is as efficient as other systems and about a third of the cost.’ Anne, Botany Downs

Unovent Test 4

would certainly recommend Unovent® having seen how easy it is to install, without needing electrical know-how to wire it all up.’ Kerry, Hamilton

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