Penjerex Window Film

Window Insulation Film NZ
95% as effective
as double glazing
at half the cost!

Did you know that uninsulated windows attribute 45% of your heat loss in winter and 95% of heat gain in the summer?

According to BRANZ, in a house insulated to pre-2007 requirements, the windows account for the largest single proportion of heat loss.

Retrofit your home for energy efficency

Let’s face it- your standard window is a poor insulator.

Most New Zealand homeowners are battling the elements to maintain the temperature they want.

Windows are an energy weak spot in a house’s design. If your house is too hot in summer and too cold in winter, it is likely that your single glazed windows are largely responsible for the uncomfortable temperature range.

Penjerex insulation film was designed specifically to suit the environmental temperature needs of New Zealand homes. It upgrades the thermal performance of your windows and creates better insulation and heat control. With an insulation performance of 44%, Penjerex film is as efficient as double glazing* at keeping the heat in over winter.

In summer, it reduces the heat from solar gain by 40%. So your room temperature is more comfortable all year round.

Penjerex film is also virtually transparent, so you will hardly notice it’s there. You can keep your view and the character of your home just the way you like it.

  • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays
  • 10 year warranty
  • Virtually transparent
  • 95% as effective as double glazing* at half the cost!
  • Easy internal installation process
  • Trusted international manufacturer

Imagine a comfortable internal climate, year round…

Penjerex was specially designed by global manufacturer Nitto Denko with close to 100
years’ experience in industrial tapes. Penjerex has been designed to perform under
the harsher UV Conditions that we have in NZ. It’s backed by a 10 year warranty and
it’s unique insulating properties upgrade your single-paned glass by reducing both
winter window heat loss and summer solar heat gain.


Since Penjerex is applied to the inside of windows, it is a simple installation process and most homes can be easily installed in under a day!


Manufactured by Nitto Denko a Japanese market leader in innovative tape and film products for nearly 100 years.


Penjerex has a visual transmission rate of 79%, which makes it the most transparent insulation film available in New Zealand.


Penjerex comes with a 10 year warranty to give you peace of mind that our products are made to last.

Penjerex Reduces Window Condensation

Penjerex causes smaller droplets of water to form, which evaporate more easily. This is because the film creates a more rapid energy absorption which can speeds up evaporation time. Condensation generally forms overnight as the moisture in the air and the temperature outside drops.

Once the day’s sunlight and heat increases the temperature of the glass, the surface area heats up and most condensation disappears. Because windows applied with Penjerex are more efficient at holding a stable temperature this process is accelerated so that condensation water droplets evaporate quicker.

How Much Does Penjerex Window Film It Cost?

An average 3 bedroom home would cost around $3,500 to install, our clients tell us that compared to double glazing quotes we are usually half if not a third of the cost! That’s because we can install our film internally with no need for scaffolding.

The added benefit of this cost saving is that many of our customers can then invest in a heat pump and ventilation system for the same price as a double glazing quote.

So why choose double glazing when you can get window insulation, a ventilation system and a heat pump for a similar cost!

We can demonstrate the films effectiveness with our heat kit and thermal imaging camera so you can see and feel for yourself the difference our films can make to your home. We recommend you contact us for a free home energy assessment and demonstration, so we can discuss what the best solution will be for your home.

We offer free in-house consultations and work around your schedule to solve your comfort needs