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Retrofit your home for energy efficency
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Retrofit your home for energy efficiency

No one likes coming home to a house that is damp, stale, and cold. And a home that isn’t energy efficient can wreak havoc not only on your bank account but on your physical wellbeing, too. To ensure the health and comfort of your family, you need to address the three aspects of the “holy grail” of energy efficiency: insulation, ventilation, and heating.

What should I insulate first?

Many New Zealand homes were built before insulation became mandatory, resulting in most scoring only two out of ten stars on the Homestar rating system for home performance and environmental impact. Without proper insulation your home loses heat through three sore spots: ceilings, windows, and floors.

Ceilings and floors are generally the first thing we think to insulate because they are easily accessible. Ceilings are the biggest source of heat loss, which make them a top insulating priority. Insulating your ceilings will create a noticeable change when trying to heat up your home.

Have you heard of window film?

People often forget about the heat that escapes from windows. During winter you can lose up to 45 percent of warmth through the glass areas in your home, that’s a substantial large chunk of heat escaping through the windows. It’s a great start to have insulation in your ceilings and floors, but Penjerex Low E window film on your windows will ensure you’ll be extra warm and toasty during winter.

A high quality Low E windows film like Penjerex can help save money on heating your home and are easy to have installed, as unlike double glazing units it doesn’t disrupt the window cavity your windows sit in.

Sure, curtains can help heat your room but you’re most likely not going to keep them closed every day to ensure your house stays warm. Window films are a much better option to insulate because they effectively and efficiently trap the heat in your home without you having to draw any curtains.

 Why is ventilation important?


Is your home damp?

Adequate ventilation is important for winter health because it helps improve air quality, window condensation, and moisture build-up. An unhealthy damp and musty-smelling environment can increase the growth of rot, mould, and mildew. All these factors can lead to asthma and allergies, which is why a dry and ventilated home is a well-protected home.

Although general household activities such as cooking, washing, drying clothes indoors, showering, and cleaning seem harmless to your environment, they can create poor air quality without proper ventilation.

A ventilation system such as Unovent creates a clean and breathable environment by constantly changing and filtering your air. The Unovent system pushes stale and moist air outside, passing clean air from the roof through the filters and into your selected rooms. This helps stop the growth of mould or rot, and you’ll find the air in your home fresh and dry. You’ll also save on energy costs, because heating a home that is damp and moist costs a lot more than heating one that is already dry.


What about heating your home?

Heat pumps are known as one of the most efficient available forms of heating. They have a much lower operating cost than gas heaters and fireplaces, because you don’t have to fill gas bottles or obtain more firewood. According to Energywise, more than one quarter of New Zealand households have a heat pump.

With a heat pump, you can balance room temperatures to create a cosy home for you and your family. And, if your home is also well-insulated with good ventilation, your heat pump won’t have to work as hard or run as much to maintain the temperature you need.

At Better Windows we install only top-quality heat pumps from Mitsubishi, the world-leading brand in heat pump technology since 1960. Mitsubishi heat pumps cost less to operate, are quiet, and are easy to install and maintain.


Window film + ventilation units + heat pumps = Energy efficiency


Window film, ventilation units, and heat pumps are the best ways to make your home energy efficient. They each have their benefits on their own, and together they will make your home more comfortable and durable year-round, while also saving you money. With the three working in conjunction, you’ll never come home to a cold house again.

If you’re looking to find out more about window film, ventilation units, or heat pumps, give our team at Better Windows a call on 09 217 4484.

We can have a quick chat to you about how you can make your home more energy efficient or answer any questions.

If you want to learn more about Insulating your windows download our Better Windows insulation guide for more tips and information.