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Better window insulation at New Lynn Trish Brady
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New Lynn

I have an 80-year-old Villa with an open plan dining area with French doors. Curtains would have blocked my view, and double-glazing was too expensive so I had just put up with the cold for 30 years!

We spoke with the installer at Better Windows and they advised me try Penjerex insulation film to keep the heat from escaping in winter. They came and installed the film in one afternoon and I am so happy with the results.

I don’t need the heater on as much to heat my house, it is as clear as day, and we will get the benefit of the heat reduction this summer too! This winter has been so mild for me I don’t even put the heater on most days.
I am happy to recommend them as it is a great product that is so much cheaper than double-glazing.

Thanks to the team for doing a great job.