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Upgrade Your Villa Windows With Low e Window Films
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Double-glazing your villa: find out the secret that could save you thousands!

We all know the problems of double glazing. The excessive price, the unattractive changes to the look of your character windows, and the complication of whether your heritage wooden windows will even sustain the weight that a retrofitted double-glaze unit requires.


Your sash window was not built to hold the weight of a double-glazed unit. The delicate pulley system can be put out of balance. Double-glazed units also distort the look and character of your home.


But now it’s winter, and an original 100-year-old villa is usually insulated about as much as Barbie’s Dream House. Keeping heat in can be a nightmare. You’re probably facing ever-increasing power bills that don’t seem to stop rising. The heater is on constantly, and it’s just never warm.


Traditionally, double glazing was the only window insulation option available to villa owners. Now a new evolution of high-tech low e window films has become available, offering amazing insulation potential at a fraction of the price.

Our window film is created by Japanese company Nitto Denko, a market leader in innovative film products for over 80 years.


Nitto Denko’s innovation lab creates aeronautical films and the touch-sensitive tapes that go in smartphones. The lab has now developed a revolutionary new window film that is virtually transparent and reduces the rate of winter heat loss through windows by 44%.


(That’s around 95% as good as the performance of retrofit double-glaze units).

Nitto Denko’s window film has other advantages over double glazing. It blocks 99% of UV, increases glass safety, and reduces solar gain by up to 40%. The overall affect is year-round comfort and increased glass performance.


What’s more, because our window film is virtually transparent, you won’t even notice it’s there. You can keep the character of your home just the way you like it.

Because window film is applied to the inside of windows it’s a simple installation process and most homes can be easily installed in less than a day!

Our film comes with a 10-year replacement warranty backed by Nitto Denko globally, to give you total peace of mind.


Compare our prices to double glazing – you will be surprised how much you can save with us!