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We specialise in a new generation of high-tech transparent window films that let you control the temperature of your home without affecting the look of your windows.

Our transparent films are virtually indistinguishable from normal single-paned windows, so you can pick the problem areas in your home and simply upgrade the glass in those hot and cold spots. This gives you an affordable alternative to double glazing or a heavily tinted film while keeping your window aesthetics compatible with your home. We also offer the full range of standard tinted window films and can provide solutions to any heat, security or privacy needs for your home or office.

Thermal Insulation Film

Penjerex transparent insulation film reduces winter heat loss from your windows by 44%.
Its 95% as effective as double glazing at half the price.

Solar Reduction Film

Cool and clear transparent solar film reduces solar gain by to 64%.
It can be applied to any glass.

Tinted Films

Increase your privacy and security with mirrored or tinted films.
We have the tint options and solutions to fit your purpose.

Why your inefficient
windows are costing
you money…

Windows are about 8% of the surface area of a typical residential building and 95% of New Zealand homes are single glazed. The average 4 mm single-glazed window pane is an energy weak spot in building design. The heat we use to warm our homes in winter simply flows out through ordinary windows, whereas in summer too much solar energy can flow in.

Heat flow takes the path of least resistance, so ordinary windows allow a disproportionate loss of energy through the transfer of heat out from your window surface area and this creates a ‘thermal wound’ in your building envelope. This means a significant amount of the money you are spending to maintain a comfortable room temperature year round is often wasted as the energy you are trying to manage is leaking from your windows!

Why choose us?

Experience, Quality and innovation…


Our Experienced installers have over 20 years experience in istalling windows film. We pride ourselves on our professional, fast and extremely proactive approach to get the job done with minimal disruption to our clients.

Superior Products You can Trust

Not all window films are the same. All our films come with a minimum 10 year warranty so you can have peace of mind you are getting a quality film made to last.

Innovation solutions

Better windows has an exclusive agency for Cool and Clear and you won’t find this film available anywhere else in NZ. We also import our other films directly from our manufacturer so we can offer competitive pricing to the New Zealand market.